Historic Milestones

In every movement there are pivotal movements that shape and define its trajectory. Circumstances, individuals, geography, social revolutions all coalesce to give birth to these milestones. Examining these moments in time can give us a greater understanding of not only the importance of these movements but the reasons behind their success or failure. Milestones are important, come with us to explore them.

The Advent Movement Beyond The Great Disappointment

Adventism In The Immediate Wake Of The Disappointment The great disappointment struck the Millerite movement with all the force of an atomic bomb and the fallout was a gigantic mushroom cloud of mixed emotions that ranged from humiliation to confusion to doubt to...

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A Snapshot Of The Millerite Movement (1839-1844)

Publishing The Word William Miller’s contact with Joshua Himes was a game changer for the Millerite Movement. Himes encountered Miller’s preaching in New Hampshire and immediately snapped him up to preach at the Chardon Street Chapel in Boston. Miller was happy to...

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The Great Advent Awakening

Roots Of The Great Awakening In many ways, the second coming of Jesus was the blessed hope of the early church. To the early Christians, the thought of seeing their Friend and Saviour coming in the clouds to take them home was a vision that inspired them...

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