It was not during the Reformation alone that men and women stood up as champions for the truth. As the journey of spiritual growth continued beyond the Reformation throughout christendom there were others who lifted their hands to carry the torch that the men and women of the Reformation had lit. These are their stories.

Ellen White: Call to Ministry and Early Years

Ellen White: Early Years and Accident Ellen Harmon ducked her head down low and kept her eyes trained on the sidewalk as she hurried away from the angry taunts being hurled at her. Her sister Elizabeth did the same, struggling to keep pace with her. Ell recognized the...

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William Miller: Here I Mean To Stand

 William Miller: The Early Years The warm orange glow from the fireplace bathed the quiet room with light and warmth. Young William Miller lay on his torso, feet in the air, tucked as close to the fireplace as possible leafing through the pages of a well-worn book....

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