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Lineage is a video series that will include 100 episodes on church history and is designed for young people. The videos will be released weekly via the social media platforms of Facebook and YouTube and a dedicated website that will include additional information.

2017 marks the 500th year since Martin Luther kickstarted the Protestant reformation by nailing his 95 Theses to the door of Wittenberg Cathedral. 500 years on from that momentus event and there are people who are attempting to minimise the significance of what happened or trying to reinterpret history. More than ever before it is important for us to understand our spiritual heritage as Seventh-day Adventists. Our church did not form in a vacuum, isolated from the rest of the Christian world, but rather our prophetic identity was a culmination of truth lost and then rediscovered.  It’s important for us today to be able to trace back our spiritual heritage and see where we have come from.

In order to reach the targeted audience of young people, the videos will be released via the social media platforms of Facebook and YouTube and will be only 3-5 minutes long. Each episode is filmed on site and will incorporate stunning aerial footage and give viewers a chance to see for themselves places that we often just hear spoken about in sermons or in books.


Throughout 2017, each week a episode will be released, each one focusing on a different aspect of our spiritual lineage. Some of them will focus on people such as Martin Luther, John Wycliffe, John Calvin or John Wesley. Others will focus on groups of people such as the Waldenses and Albigenses and the struggles that they went through to preserve the true faith during the Dark Ages. Each one plays a part in telling our story today as Seventh-day Adventists as they form a part of our family heritage. Understanding our identity today is vital, and a key component of that is understanding where we have come from in the past.

In 2018 the series will shift from Reformation history to Seventh-day Adventist history, showing the spiritual connections that we have with the reformation but importantly, showing the key historical moments and stories in the formation of our church.

The money that is raised will be used to cover the logistical costs of filming such as travel expenses, accommodation and living expenses for the camera crew while on the road, production costs and website production.

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