Social movements transform present realities, spiritual movements define eternal ones. Spiritual movements are like seeds, they begin in a small way with the transformation made in the hearts and minds of a handful of individuals and then they grow upwards and outwards, tall and strong, sending their roots deep into the social soil in which they are planted, becoming a refuge for all those who are in need of shelter and nourishment. History would be a poorer for not having been graced with transformative spiritual movements and society would be lost without them.

The German Reformation

How did the German Reformation begin? The German Reformation was sparked by Martin Luther, a renegade Catholic priest. The catalyst for the reformation was the sale of indulgences throughout Germany by John Tetzel under the authority of Pope Leo X but in reality, the...

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The Albigenses and The Papacy

The Papacy: A force to be reckoned with At the turn of the 13th century, Europe was no longer held together by the common political tie of the Pagan Roman Empire yet it was being slowly gathered together under the decidedly religiopolitical banner of the Papacy....

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The Celtic Church

Early History of the Celtic Church Celtic Christianity is a term given to the Christian Church of the Celtic peoples occupying the British Isles, spanning what we now know as England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Many scholars believe that Celtic...

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