Lineage Journey Season 1 - Book 5


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History shapes identity. Identity defines mission. Mission determines destiny.

This series of interactive study guides have been designed as a companion to the powerful historical documentary series Lineage Journey; The final book begins with the voyage of the Mayflower to the New World, and concludes by addressing how the Reformation is not over, but continues today. Each guide provides in-depth resources which help to uncover the amazing stories of the reformers in vivid detail, including full episodes from the series; never before seen photographs shot on location by the Lineage team; challenging discussion questions aimed at group study, and much more!

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  • Release2020 July 7
  • LanguageEN
  • Length56 Pages
  • Size1.7 GB
  • AuthorSuki Goonatilleke and Others
  • subtitleThe Mayflower to the Reformation Continues
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